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Getting to Know Each Other

We want to hear from Utah citizens!  Check out one of our surveys used to get a better idea of how Utahns think, what they really want, and how you can get more involved in your own community.

Utah and the Equal Rights Amendment

Let us know your thoughts and feelings about the Equal Rights Amendment and how it does or does not impact you as a Utah woman or man.


Check out our list of common legal questions regarding the Equal Rights Amendment.

Find My Utah Legislators

Who represents me? Enter street address in the first field and your zip code in the second field, then click Find. You may also click on the map to determine who the State Senator and House Representative are for that location, or contact your county clerk for official legislative district information.

What are YOUR questions?

Often if one person wants to know about something, 10 others do, too!  Send us your questions and we will try to answer them here for everyone to gain a better understanding.  Send your questions via email to