We want to hear from Utah women 18 and older.

We're asking women who live in Utah to tell us what kinds of programs and services they'd like to see under the same roof. 



More about this project

"All lives have equal value.  All men and women are created equal.  Everyone belongs.  Everyone has rights and everyone has the right to flourish.  When people who are bound by the rules have no role in shaping the rules, moral blind spots become law, and the powerless bear the burden."--Melinda Gates 

In 2016, several Utah women were distraught over an unexpected political outcome and its devastating effect on women's rights.  With the resulting #metoo movement, they became aware of how many women they knew had been victims of sexual abuse, divorce trauma, serious financial concerns, or other life disruptions where they had no clear path forward.  Women were finally willing to share their stories and take the first steps away from a culture that makes one group dominant over others.

Fair Utah Foundation has been established to address the gaps in women's programs offered in our community.  Powered by the excellent and time-tested programs developed by Fresh Start Women's Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona, Fair Utah will be partnering with other women's organizations and bringing a wealth of options to women in Utah who have experienced a life-disruption.  

Whether you're recently divorced or unemployed, or simply looking for a fresh start on life, you'll find helpful guidance and a chance to reach your full potential. Take the first step in the journey to the life you deserve!

Why you should care:

Utah is consistently ranked 50th in the nation for women's equality.  The rankings are based on workplace environment, education, health and political environment.  

When women are held back, families suffer.  The economy suffers.  Gender equality is vital for all of us, and essential for a more just and prosperous world.