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The Utah ERA Coalition educates Utah citizens about the Equal Rights Amendment and its importance in providing a strong legal foundation for constitutional protection against sex discrimination.   We want Utah to ratify the ERA in 2020 and be on the right side of history!                    #ratifyERAutah

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Jan 27 - ERA Rally at the Utah Capitol - opening day of 2020 session!

Utah ERA Coalition members met to celebrate Virginia’s achievement of becoming the 38th state to ratify the ERA and press onward to make Utah #39.  Energized by great speakers, the group participated in a call to action by delivering ERA supportive postcards to legislators from around the state.  It is time for Utah to be on the right side of history!

Jan 25 - "No Delay in the ERA!" - Southern Utah March and Rally

Utah NOW hosted women's equal rights activists for their St. George ERA March and Rally with National NOW speaker, Christian Nunes, City leaders from St. George and Hilldale, and many other powerful speakers.  Also LIVE poetry, music, dance, drumming... and more!

Jan 15 - Virginia ratifies ERA to become 38th state!

Jan 14 - Senators encourage ALL states to complete ERA ratification

Jan 8 - After states ratify ERA, then what?

Jan 8 - Federal lawsuits filed against National Archivist

Jan 7 - Utah Policy poll shows 71% of Utahns support the ERA!

Salt Lake Tribune covers story of 2020 poll released from Utah Policy showing broad support of Equal Rights Amendment in Utah.

Dec 3 - Rep. Karen Kwan announces 2020 bill for Utah ERA ratification

Deseret News coverage of HJR007 - the bill sponsored by Representative Karen Kwan (D) of Utah House District 34.  Reports called for LDS Church to respond.  LDS Church finally responded that they have not changed their stance on ERA in 40 years and are still opposed.

Nov 13 - House Judiciary Committee passes resolution to remove ratification timeline on ERA

Oct 3 - The conservative case for ERA


Hey, Utah!  It's almost 2020, and we still don't have an equal rights amendment in the Constitution.

learn about utah and the equal rights amendment...

History of the Equal Rights Amendment

ERA History

Click here to learn the history of the Equal Rights Amendment, where it currently stands, and why we need it now more than ever before.


What About...


Because of past arguments and false assumptions, many people have questions about the ERA and what it will or won't do.

Get answers to your ERA and constitutional equality questions here! Resolve concerns and help Utahns see that the Equal Rights Amendment will benefit EVERYONE!


The ERA is Back!

AZ ERA Task Force

Anissa Rasheta, a national organizer for Mormons for ERA who is pushing for ratification of the equal rights amendment in her home state of Arizona, discusses the measure — the need for it, the status of the fight and the reception it is getting from today’s Latter-day Saints, young and old, male and female, leaders and laypersons.


Why Utah?

Utah ERA

Utah is home to many FIRSTS for women: FIRST woman to cast a U.S. ballot, FIRST female State senator, and home to FIRST suffragettes who helped get the 19th Amendment ratified.   Utah ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment would honor their memory and efforts for a more just and fair society.  Interestingly enough, Utah has had equal rights language built into it's state constitution since 1896.  What an opportunity for Utah's constitution to be a model for the rest of the country!


Why Now?

Utah 38

2020 is the "Year of the Woman"!  It is the perfect opportunity to turn around the latest statistics that put Utah LAST among states in the union that support women's issues and equality.  Now more than ever, we need the equal rights amendment to be a constitutional anchor to provide strong legal protection against sexual discrimination in our country.

Utah has an opportunity to celebrate 150 years of Utah women in leadership by giving ALL people constitutional protection against sexual discrimination under the law. 


The ERA provides...

ERA Matters

Higher judicial standard of equal treatment for women and men.

Legal recourse when people experience sex discrimination.

Constitutional protection from future sex discrimination laws.

Protection from rollbacks of current supportive laws.

Blanket protections for ALL Americans, regardless of the state in which we live.

Constitutional value of women as full citizens under the law.



Utah ERA Coalition Partners

ERA Coalition
Women's Democratic Club of Utah
Equality Utah
Mormons for ERA
Women's State Legislative Council
Equal Means Equal
Alliance for a Better Utah
National Organization for Women
YWCA of Utah
League of Women Voters of Utah
AZ ERA Task Force
The Wave Women
Equality Supporters
Equality Now
Utah Women Unite
Fair Utah
National Association of Women Business Owners
The Policy Project
Voices for Utah Children
Utah State University
Utah's CD4 Coalition
Women Lawyers of Utah
Utah Association for the Deaf
Holladay United Church of Christ
Salt Lake Acting Company
Women's Business Center of Utah
Associated Students of the University of Utah
LDS Democrats


Former Utah Chief Justice Christine Durham speaks about her 48 years working on the Equal Rights Amendment.


Troy and Amy from the Utah ERA Coalition talk about Utah's plans to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in 2020!

Illinois Rep. Steven Andersson Interview - Part 1

"An Eve with Steve": Part 1.  Pro-life Republican Representative from Illinois comes to Utah to speak with legislators and constituents about Utah becoming the 38th and final state needed for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in 2020.  Hosted by Michelle Quist and Emily McCormick.

Illinois Rep. Steven Andersson Interview - Part 2

"An Eve with Steve": Part 2.  Pro-life Republican Representative from Illinois comes to Utah to speak with legislators and constituents about Utah becoming the 38th and final state needed for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in 2020.  Hosted by Emily McCormick of The Policy Project.

Equal Rights Amendment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

There’s still nothing in our constitution that explicitly prohibits sex discrimination. John Oliver talks about how to fix efforts toward constitutional equality.

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